Is Charleston, South Carolina safe? Top 10 Most Dangerous Locations in Charleston, South Carolina!

05 Aug 11:35

Charleston has a strong cultural past and numerous spectacular adventures. For example, on Sullivan’s Island, there is the Station 12 beach access, which has a view of hundreds of dolphins breaching over the waves just 100 feet from the coastline.

Furthermore, this city produces some of the greatest cuisine and bourbon artisan drinks in the country. Despite all of this, crime may still be found in this city. So, these are the Charleston, SC neighborhoods to avoid.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities in Charleston

What is the safest neighborhood in Charleston, SC? First, here are the hazardous zones!

1. Mount Pleasant

This 89,338-person community acquired its name from a plantation in 1803. The crime in this community is now primarily property crime. Only 138 of the 1,359 recorded events in 2018 were violent, with no murders. The remaining 1,221 occurrences were property crimes, with theft topping the list with 1,002 instances. Crime in Mount Pleasant has decreased by 12% year over year, according to patrolling cops in this community. It has even vanished from bus stops, and it is now safe to go, especially with cash.

Walking or riding may be done at any time of day or night with little or no awareness of the surroundings. As a result, everyone, especially women, may travel alone safely.


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2. North Charleston

The population of this neighborhood is 115,382. It rose from tenth to fourth most dangerous city in the United States about a decade ago. It is now one of the top fifty most hazardous areas in South Carolina! The overall crime rate is 67.5 per 1,000 inhabitants. There were constant complaints of both violent and property crimes in this neighborhood. Shootings, murders, and serious attacks were reported. This area had a horrific inflow of drug criminals, and stabbings and rapes were typical crimes. The presence of police officers in this neighborhood appears to have little or no impact.

Most locals report being robbed at gunpoint on many times, some of which occurred at petrol stations. In one interview, one resident said that car thefts were as common as “commemorative cups.” The likelihood of a car being stolen in North Charleston is 1 in 157. Petty theft instances on public transit buses are also unavoidable, thus visitors are advised not to carry large amounts of cash or precious objects during commutes.

Is North Charleston a safe place? Avoid the regions of North Charleston south of Dorchester Rd and the southern portion of town. More secure places may be found farther north, such as the Upper Dorchester Rd., which begins near the Air Force installation. This is not an area for safe strolling or riding, and at night, there are pockets of criminality in numerous alleyways. Not only do independent female tourists avoid wandering about at night, but so do locals, especially if they are alone. One in every 15 people will become a victim of a property or violent crime.

3. Hanahan

This neighborhood’s population of 20,710 has witnessed a 19% decline in crime throughout the years. The overall number of occurrences recorded in 2018 fell dramatically to 406, with assault accounting for 52% of reported violent crime and rape accounting for 22%. Theft is the most common type of property crime, accounting for 71% of all reported crimes. On average, violent crime has increased during the last half-decade, whereas property crime has decreased. The rate of violent crime increased from 125.2 in 2016 to 175.6 in 2017. In 2018, it fell marginally to 145.8. Property crime fell from 193.5 in 2016 to 147 in 2017, and then to 110.5 in 2018. Overall, the crime rate in this neighborhood is considered to be higher than in 55.3 percent of cities in the United States.

Unlike in the early 1990s, alleys and street corners are rarely congested. So visiting men and women travelling alone can take day and nighttime bike strolls in safety. You can stroll about with wads of cash and not feel intimidated since the cops are visible in the neighborhood. The adjacent hotels are highly recommended for their security measures.

4. West Ashley

West of the Ashley is a term derived from the fact that this location is located west of the Ashley River. This area is home to an estimated 82,341 individuals. West Ashley, while not crime-free, has one of the fewest incident reports. 2018 had almost as many records as any other year. A series of automobile break-ins, burglaries, and double killings occurred. There were gunfire, and two youths were killed. The police are generally present in this area, and it is difficult to watch crime slide by without action plans. In 2017, the police department received reports of 153 automobile break-ins, 52 of which involved stolen firearms.

Is Charleston, South Carolina safe? Recent crime incidences in 2020 are far separated, thus travelling from one location to another is safe. Residents like riding their bikes. Nighttime is also safe and may be explored by solitary female travelers with minimal risk of danger. There is no recent history of pickpockets or panhandlers on the public transit axis, therefore your cash and wallet are secure on you. There are also safety tags on surrounding motels.

5. Summerville

This area contains 47,919 residents with crime rates that are 4% higher than the South Carolina average. When compared to similar-sized cities, the total crime rate is 36 per 1,000 population, making it one of the highest in the United States. In 2018, a total of 1,879 crimes were recorded, with 1,740 of these being property offences. In this neighborhood, the property crime rate per 1,000 people is thus 33.66, while the violent crime rate is 2.69.

There is less possibility of being robbed or pickpocketed on public transportation. However, your car or personal items are more likely to be stolen. Although police visibility is beneficial, crime still occurs. Residents speak highly about the safety of touring the region during the day and at night, so women travelling alone may feel at peace. There are more hotels that are recommended for their security vigilance than not. In Summerville, one in every 28 people is a victim of a crime.


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6. Harleston Village

This Charleston neighborhood has a total population of 2,264 people, with a male to female ratio that is almost equal. Though violent crime is nearly non-existent, there is still a significant prevalence of property crime. This area has some notable sites, such as Battery Park, where the history of the American Revolutionary War and Civil War is chronicled. There’s also the South Carolina Aquarium, which houses a variety of sea creatures!

As long as you remember to lock your vehicles when you leave, you will be well on your way to ensuring your safety in this area. Because police patrols are relatively successful, crime is reduced. Because public transit is free of petty thieves, your cash and wallet are protected. There’s no need to be concerned about strolling or riding in this area; female residents report feeling safe even late at night.

7. Kiawah Island

This area has one of the smallest populations in Charleston. This island has 1,543 residences and a cost of living that is 146% more than the South Carolina average. What’s great about this neighborhood is that crime seems to be decreasing year after year. So far, year over year crime has decreased by 5%, with violent crimes being 82% lower than the national average. It’s no surprise that inhabitants recommend visiting the region at any time of day, whether single women or couples.

Total crime figures are 492 per 100,000 residents, with violent crime events accounting for just 68. It is safe to state that the cops are highly active in this area.

Traveling to and from locations is devoid of criminal activity, so you will arrive at your destination with the things and cash you brought with you. Hotels in the area are as good and secure as they come.

8. James Island

This neighborhood has a population of 12,068 people. Few factors make this location unsafe, such as highway junctions and property crimes. Like Kiawah Island, crime has fallen by 5% over the years, and the area is now safer than it was a decade ago. Property crime accounts for 1,209 of the total crime rate of 1,404 per 100,000 persons. The police are frequently observed in this neighborhood, which may appear to contribute to the lower crime rate. There are no records of murder or robbery, so you won’t be harassed or robbed of your money. Public transportation routes and stations have their own safety records.

Is it safe to visit Charleston, South Carolina? This island is home to a wealth of gorgeous trees that awe tourists and visiting guests. It is safe to wander even late at night and alone if you are female. The likelihood of becoming a victim of a crime on James Island is one in every 72.

9. Goose Creek

This neighborhood has 40,553 residents and a total crime rate of 2,434 per 100,000 population. There have been armed robberies, thefts, murders, and homicides. Neighbors have reported hearing gunshots, most recently in 2020. Even as early as July 2020, there was a triple homicide. However, rape and assault account for the majority of recorded violent crimes, whereas theft accounts for around 77% of reported property crimes. The police are quite active in this neighborhood, especially with the recent spate of instances.

Is Charleston, South Carolina safe at night? Residents urge visitors to avoid visiting at night, especially solitary ladies, because the surroundings are dangerous. However, public transit remains quite safe, and cash thefts are extremely rare.

In Goose Creek, your chances of becoming a victim of a crime are 1 in 42.

10. Wagener Terrace

This neighborhood, which was built along the Ashley River in downtown Charleston, is home to 6,181 people. Crime was at an all-time high in previous decades. Though things have improved, a few property and small crimes continue to keep police on their toes. Residents advise against leaving anything of valuable visible in the vehicle. Pickpockets investigate as frequently as tourists enter the neighborhood. So hug your wallets tighter, especially if they’re full of cash.

Is it safe to wander about Charleston, South Carolina? Many individuals enjoy riding their bikes to go somewhere, but it can be dangerous at night. Females are consequently urged to walk late at night only when accompanied.


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Crime Situation in Charleston

According to FBI figures from 2018, crime in Charleston, SC showed an exponential increase in property crime vs violent crime. The number of recorded violent crime occurrences was 422, while the number of reported property crime incidents was 3,053. The total crime rate of Charleston, SC is 25.51 crimes per 1,000 inhabitants.


According to statistics, an average of 28 new individuals migrate into Charleston every day, making it the 47th fastest-growing metro in the United States. However, according to FBI crime statistics, Charleston is not one of the safest cities in the United States. However, it is fairly close, and Morris Island lighthouse is ideal for a tranquil stroll along the ocean.