The refunding policy shall be implemented in thirty (30) days, please, see section Terms and Conditions. If you would like to claim for refunding, you can do it in thirty (30) days after performing of the purchase.

You can get the money back if we are not provide the service during 72 hours, except the cases US government has not yet evaluated your application, and we informed about it you by e-mail. In case the application has been submitted, but the US government has given you the refusal, you can’t get service fee back after receiving a results, because it is not up to us. If application was submitted and it is in process of evaluation your application, refund can’t be made because application is started. In case traveler decided not to travel, travelers flight was canceled or any other situation after which the traveler decides he or she no longer needs the ESTA and wants a refund – it cannot be made because once the ESTA has been approved, THE REFUND CANNOT BE MADE.

Once ESTA application was approved we do not provide any refund, because it means that the service has been provided.

In case of refunding, money will be transferred back to the credit card, from which the purchase was performed.

In case of compensation, funds will be transferred in twenty-four hours (24 h). Money transfer of such type can take from three to five working days between payment institutions. In case of claim for refunding, if there are any special circumstances and your purchase was performed more than thirty (30) days ago, please, inform our client support center by writing to [email protected].

In case of claim for refunding you are kindly asked to contact us by writing to [email protected]. Your e-mail shall contain the following information:

  • Reason for refunding claim rising;
  • Your given and last name;
  • Type of payment which you used;
  • If you used a credit card or a debit card, please, specify last four (4) digits;
  • E-mail address which you used for performing of the purchase.

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More information about www.estatousa.com is available in section Terms and Conditions.

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