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What Food and Liquids (Consumables) Can You Bring Through Airport Security in the United States?

If you are coming to the United States and want to carry some food from home, you may be astonished to learn that you cannot do so via customs!

Many people travelling to the United States from across the world want to bring a little comfort from home in the shape of their favorite cuisine, but airport security may confiscate your stuff!

Many people desire to carry food into the United States because they are concerned that they will not be able to find their favorite foods while abroad. People are more likely to bring something from home for family and friends they are visiting.

What appears to be innocuous to you may be seen as a danger to US security!

Bringing in “contraband” (prohibited food and beverages) can result in a fine of up to $10000 USD, therefore it pays to know what you can and cannot bring in your checked luggage.

Most tourists intend no harm and are only attempting to bring in their favorite foods, but there are some very particular reasons why the prohibition on certain foods is so strict! This page discusses what meals you can bring in your CHECKED luggage, the restrictions for carryon are slightly different.


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Why Do They Conceal Food?

Is it possible to bring food past airport security? First and foremost, it is dependent on whether you are entering the United States or travelling from the United States to another nation. While your favorite fruits, vegetables, and meats are accepted wherever you are coming from, the United States is pretty strict about what they let in their nation. They seize food in order to defend their own farm.

Pests and diseases that are natural to your nation and influence agriculture may not be native to the United States, where they can readily wipe out crops and disrupt agriculture. Certain fruits, vegetables, and meats are prohibited from entering the United States in the sake of agricultural security. All food products prohibited in the United States will not be permitted to pass through security for any reason

In fact, there are more food products prohibited from entering the United States than there are food items permitted. It may be absurd to forbid enough fruit or other food products to prepare a meal, but one bug or illness may readily spread and move, wreaking havoc on the food supply.

Even packaged sweets (such as Chinese meat delights) is confiscated. Food will be confiscated regardless of where you are coming from or the sort of relationship the US has with your nation if it is “prohibited.”

A good example is Avocado’s from Mexico. While the United States imports the majority of its Avocados from Mexico, if you are a traveler and bring Avocados into the country with you, they will be seized unless they are clearly a very tiny amount (one or two) in its entire form and checked in your luggage.

So, if you inquire, “Can you bring food through airport security?” the answer is most certainly no. Keep in mind, however, that there are certain exceptions.

What Becomes of Confiscated Food?

When you arrive at the security/customs desk, your bag will be examined, and any food discovered will be confiscated and placed in a “contraband” container with other confiscated food items.

When the bin is full, it is carried to a section of the airport with a “grinding table,” where the food is dumped and forced into a hole in the center of the table that houses the grinder that will crush up the food! Right here, you can witness the procedure in action!

Many people believe that the food is preserved and devoured or that it is not thrown out, and that the security personnel are simply being tough.

The food is REALLY destroyed, and it is REALLY a hazard to agriculture and cattle. When it comes to food handling, the United States has very stringent regulations set by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture).

Many nations do not adhere to the same rules, therefore rather than going through extensive vetting processes only to allow individuals to bring in food, all prohibited things are confiscated and burned.

What Food Can You Bring to the United States?

There are several items that you can bring into the United States, including

The majority of cheeses

commercial and handmade varieties

Oil and other condiments

vinegar and other dressings, both commercial and homemade, as long as they are stored in a tightly sealed container

Bakery items

cookies, cakes, and pies (both commercial and homemade)

Baby formula

Baked items are allowed if they are wrapped. Most cheeses are allowed as long as they are tightly packaged. Most condiments are allowed in their original containers. Uncooked or unprepared meat, vegetables, and fruit are nearly never authorized. It is ultimately up to the security personnel’s judgement whether or not you are allowed to bring particular food products in.

Of course, most professionally prepared food sealed in its original wrapper will pass through the security check, but there are certain exceptions.

The amount is another determining element in whether a food or liquid product is regarded safe. If you have a couple packs of food in your checked luggage, it will most likely pass without incident (as long as you claim it). 25 bags of belongings may raise attention and lead you to be delayed at the airport.

Liquids (Consumable)

There are several items that you can bring into the United States, including

You may look up the sorts of liquids that you can carry in your checked luggage on the website! You may carry the following items in your checked bag:

  • Alcoholic beverages are permitted as long as the bottle is sealed and the alcohol level is less than 140 proof.
  • Sauces, jams, and jellies
  • Soups and Greek yoghurt

Most infant formulae and liquid medications are authorized as long as they are labelled and sealed.

Bottles and containers that are only partially full or are not clearly labelled with the contents are considerably more likely to pass security than new “unopened” containers. If the container is sealed, security will be far more likely to look kindly on the contents; open containers are significantly more likely to be confiscated.

According to the US Customs Website

Many unopened and commercially labelled prepared goods are permitted (excluding meats and meat products). You may bring most cheeses and pastry goods into the United States. Condiments, vinegars, oils, packaged spices, honey, coffee, fish, tea, and infant formula are generally permitted. Because rice can frequently hold insects, it is recommended to avoid importing it into the United States, especially if it is wrapped in loose burlap. Foods in hazardous or contaminated packaging may be refused entrance.


Additionally, the US Custom and Border Patrol reminds that

All agricultural commodities must be disclosed and inspected at ports of entry by a CBP Agriculture Specialist to verify they are free of plant pests and foreign animal illnesses. Meats, fresh fruits and vegetables, plants, seeds, soil, and goods produced from animal or plant elements may be prohibited or limited.



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FAQ about bringing food through the airport security

Among all of the broad information on taking food through airport security that people are searching up, there are several really particular questions that people are asking. This is why we have compiled a list of the most often asked concerns about this issue and have provided straightforward solutions to all of them!

Can you bring food past airport security?
Yes, but only specific types of food that are not prohibited from entering the United States.

When flying to the United States, you will almost always be denied entry via airport security.

Is it possible to bring food past airport security?
Certain types of food, such as potato chips, pretzels, and dry food, are not permitted through airport security.

Is it okay to bring sweets through airport security?
Candy is a wide word that can refer to several sorts of candy, which indicates they are likely to be confiscated.

Is it possible to smuggle fruit past airport security?
Only firm fruits such as apples and oranges are permitted past airport security, and only in quantities sufficient for personal use.

Is it possible to bring sealed food past airport security?
Only if the particular food is not banned to entry to USA.

Otherwise, it doesn’t matter if it’s sealed or not!

Is it okay to bring cheese through airport security?
Most varieties of cheese are permitted to pass through security while entering the United States if properly wrapped.

Can I carry cookies into the airport?
Cookies are one of the foods that may be permitted through airport security, depending on the type of cookie and how it is packaged.

Can I carry tea into the United States?
Most varieties of tea are permitted, but only for personal consumption; thus, be mindful of the amount of tea you bring through security.

Your Best Bet

If you really must carry food with you when visiting the United States, be sure it is authorised before packing it, otherwise it will be a waste of time and money.

To be honest, the United States offers a plethora of shops and supermarkets that provide a diverse selection of ethnic delicacies where you may readily locate dishes that are evocative of your native country. You may save yourself a lot of trouble and frustration by leaving the meals at home and focusing on having fun on your trip.


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