What to see in Los Angeles: the City of Angels revealed

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Los Angeles is California’s most populated city and a cosmopolitan metropolis that draws millions of visitors each year. This city is an icon of current pop culture, with its Walk of Fame, Hollywood, and neighbouring beaches. But Los Angeles is more than simply a tourist destination. In fact, many Americans travel there every day from all over the country to try their luck in the music or film industries. If you are planning a vacation to California and want to visit Los Angeles but don’t know what to see, this article is for you. We will show you the most fascinating spots in the city and advise you on when to plan your vacation.

When to go to Los Angeles: climate and temperature of the city

Despite the fact that Los Angeles has four different seasons, temperatures remain nice all year. In reality, maximum temperatures reach 29°C and never fall below 20°C. Minimum temperatures, on the other hand, can reach 18°C but seldom dip below 9°C.

In Los Angeles, the seasons are as follows:

  • Winter: Temperatures and weather in Los Angeles are temperate and pleasant from December through March. The sky is generally clear, although rain is possible. The temperature range, on the other hand, might be significant. Temperatures tend to decrease at night, so carry warm clothing if you visit the city during the winter.
  • Spring in Los Angeles is warm and sunny, lasting from April until June. This season is distinguished by the thin morning fog created by the temperature differential between the air and the Pacific. In any case, this is an excellent time to explore the city.
  • Summer: The months of July and September are ideal for exploring the Los Angeles beaches. Temperatures in the city can exceed 30°C, although the water provides a cooling effect. Even on the warmest days, temperatures along the seaside remain moderate.
  • Autumn: The months of October and November have highs of up to 23°C and are ideal for a visit to the city. However, the first harsh weather might come only in fall.

Spring and summer are thus the finest times to visit Los Angeles. Already in the spring, the weather will be moderate enough to unwind at Malibu Beach. If you enjoy the heat and are not frightened of a hot temperature, you can easily plan a summer vacation in this city.

What to see in Los Angeles: the attractions to visit on your trip

Los Angeles is a massive metropolis; consider that it is the second most populated city in the United States. As a result, it is essential to organise your vacation and decide what to see in Los Angeles.

First and foremost, decide how long you will remain in the city. A day or two is all that is required to see the main sights. A four-day stay, on the other hand, will allow you to explore the city, the seaside, and even the neighbouring countryside.

Here’s how you may plan your vacation based on its duration:

  • 1 day: Hollywood and the Walk of Fame in Santa Monica
  • 2 days: Disneyland and Universal Studios can be added to the programme.
  • 3 days: go to Beverly Hills, Bel Air, and the beaches.
  • 4 days: devote yourself to the city core and, if time allows, tour the outlying parks and counties.

Visit the Hollywood Sign

Simply Hollywood!

The iconic Hollywood Sign is without a doubt one of the icons that helped to make Los Angeles renowned. It is 9 metres high and 110 metres long, it is located atop Mount Lee in the Hollywood area of the same name. It was erected in the 1920s and has since become a popular tourist destination.

If you decide to visit the Hollywood Sign, you may either see it up close or enjoy a panoramic perspective. In any case, keep in mind that touching the lettering or climbing the artwork is strictly prohibited.

Here’s how you can come as near as you can:

  1. Take Lake Hollywood Drive;
  2. explore the Wonder View path;
  3. For around 50 minutes, stroll the route. The Wisdom Tree, a lone tree facing a cliff, will be visible halfway.
  4. Remember that the road might be hilly, so wear comfortable shoes and carry plenty of drink.

The following is a map to the Hollywood Sign:

The Griffith Observatory

If, on the other hand, you want to take in a spectacular panoramic view of the Hollywood Sign, this observatory is the ideal choice. However, this destination is more than just a beautiful backdrop for photographs. It is, in reality, the world’s most visited astronomical observatory.

Griffith J. Griffith, a billionaire, set aside a substantial sum in 1896 for the building of the observatory, which was finished in 1935 to the design of architect John C. Austin. Here’s what you should do if you go to this attraction:

  • Attend a programme about the origins of the cosmos at the Samuel Oschin Planetarium and be astounded by its cutting-edge star projector;
  • ascend to the planetarium’s top to enjoy the Hollywood Hills scenery via the refractory telescope;
  • Finally, from Griffith Park, take in a panoramic vista of the Hollywood Sign. Hugh Hefner, the creator of Playboy, wanted the park built to minimise architectural exploitation of the area surrounding the renowned inscription. Walking on the right side of the park will reward you with a spectacular view of the Hollywood Sign, especially in the evening.

Griffith Observatory and downtown skyscrapers in the background

While entry to the planetarium performances is charged, the observatory is free to view Monday through Friday from 12 to 22, and Saturday and Sunday from 10 to 22. 2800 East Observatory Road is the address of the observatory. It is best to take a cab or drive there, while public transportation is also accessible.

Santa Monica

This coastal community in California is about twenty minutes from downtown Los Angeles. It has roughly 90,000 residents and is particularly popular with visitors since its streets and scenery are reminiscent of those seen in Hollywood films.

Here are some things to do in the city:

  • Ocean Avenue is ideal for a stroll along the ocean, possibly watching the sunset, and then treating yourself to a peaceful meal.
  • Downtown: The best place to shop is in the city centre. In this sense, Santa Monica Place, an open-air retail mall, and Montana Avenue, known for its shops, come to mind. The 3rd Street Promenade is teeming with excellent eateries.
  • The Aquarium is a must-see, especially if you’re travelling with children. Pacific Park, on the other hand, understands how to bring together adults and children. This amusement park overlooks the Pacific Ocean, and its Ferris wheel provides an unforgettable perspective.
  • Santa Monica Pier: Without a question, the pier is one of the city’s great attractions. The pier’s renowned carousel, the Merry Go Round, goes back to the 1920s and is one of the city’s most photographed sights.

The Santa Monica Pier in the background

Perhaps not everyone is aware that the renowned Route 66, which connects Chicago to this city, terminates directly on the Santa Monica Pier. So don’t pass up the chance to photograph the renowned ” Route 66, End of Trial ” sign.

Disneyland California: the first Disney park

This amusement park is a haven for both children and adults, and it was the first Disney theme park ever built. Disneyland is located in Anaheim, California, 40 kilometres from downtown Los Angeles. It should ideally be accessible via Uber, Taxi, or rented car.

The park is organised into three sections:

  • Disneyland Park Adventure: This is the classic section of Disneyland, developed by Walt Disney and distinguished by the Sleeping Beauty Castle in the Woods. This park part is broken into eight pieces. Children will surely like Mickey’s Toontown and Fantasyland, while adults will really enjoy Adventureland.
  • Disney California Adventure Park: This section of the well-known California theme park is separated into six themed zones. In general, it has a less historic feel than Adventure Park and will appeal to lovers of Disney and Pixar’s more contemporary productions. Hollywood Land is a recreation of the Hollywood studios, complete with Monsters, Inc.-themed attractions. Pixar Pier is ideal for fans of Toy Story and the Incredibles, while Car’s Land is dedicated to the film of the same name.
  • Downtown Disney District: this is the retail and restaurant district that allows you to quickly access the park’s two main regions.
  • Hotel Zone: If you elect to stay in the region, you have three options. The most elegant and expensive of the three is Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa, followed by Disneyland Hotel and Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel.

The neighborhoods of Los Angeles neighborhoods: from Bel Air to Beverly Hills

Los Angeles may not have the reputation of being a city with remarkable architecture, yet certain of its districts are so distinctive that they merit at least one visit. Among these are undoubtedly Bel Air and Beverly Hills, which have become famous due to the numerous celebrities that live there.


Bel Air was founded in 1923 as a result of a scheme envisioned by Alphonso Bell, proprietor of an agricultural house in the region. This prominent West Los Angeles neighbourhood is so popular that trips are often planned to visit it.

But be cautious. Some portions of the community are gated off and monitored by security guards in order to protect the inhabitants’ safety and privacy. Here are some things to do in Bel Air, Los Angeles:

  • If you chance to be in Los Angeles in November, we recommend checking out the Bel Air Film Festival, which has been giving room to new film industry talent since 2008.
  • Herp Albert’s Vibrato Grill and Jazz: This theater-style venue blends American cuisine and music. If you want to dine in Bel Air, this is a charming option.
  • Tours of Bel Air: For the more adventurous, various firms provide private or group tours of Bel Air’s most expensive residences onboard a vehicle or SUV.


It will not be difficult to find things to do in Beverly Hills. This was previously a bean farm but, like Bel Air, is now one of Los Angeles’ most affluent neighbourhoods. Here are the key Beverly Hills attractions:

  • Famous villas: If you are captivated by the magnificence of Beverly Hills, we recommend that you visit the Virginia Robinson Gardens, the gardens of the neighborhood’s original home. You may extend your tour by going to Geryston Home, a 55-room mansion constructed by an oil billionaire and now held by the city.
  • Los Angeles Golden Triangle: This affluent shopping and eating district is encompassed by Santa Monica Boulevard, Wilshire Boulevard, and North Crescent Drive. Rodeo Drive is definitely the most recognised street in this neighbourhood, where you will discover the most sought after and finest stores.

Walk of Fame

A tour to the Walk of Fame would not be complete without a stop in Los Angeles. Since the 1950s, memorial stars of prominent entertainment figures have been attached to this iconic stretch of Hollywood Boulevard. The Walk of Fame now spans two kilometres.

Aside from photographing the renowned celebs, you can also buy souvenirs and take a tour of the Dolby Theater on Hollywood Boulevard. Every year, the Oscars are hosted just here.

Downtown Los Angeles

It is worthwhile to have a tour of downtown Los Angeles before departing the city. Among the notable attractions in the region are:

  • Pershing Square: great for seeing the city center’s skyline, which has recently been rebuilt in terms of architectural;
  • Skyspace: This building houses an observatory from where you may enjoy a spectacular view of Los Angeles. Take the 13-metre Skyslide, a transparent slide that will take you to the skyscraper’s lower deck.
  • Los Angeles Public Library: This amazing library was designed to seem like an Egyptian temple and is ideal for learning about the city’s history.

Conclusion: Los Angeles, a multifaceted city

Los Angeles, as you might expect, is a massive metropolis with a plethora of attractions. There is just no lack of things to see. It takes time to tour everything, from amusement parks to beaches, going through the classic American cityscape and opulent neighbourhoods. We propose that, weather allowing, after your visit to the city, you tour its surrounds, particularly the beaches and natural parks. And, if possible, go outside the borders of Los Angeles County. We are confident that Los Angeles will not disappoint.


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