Orlando’s 10 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods

06 Aug 16:31

Orlando is home to Disney World, Universal Studios, and over a dozen fantastic theme parks. In the city, you will also encounter crime and hazardous districts.

Several crime websites rank Orlando as one of the top 100 most dangerous cities in America. Of doubt, major cities will have their share of blighted regions.

So here are some neighbourhood names to be aware of. This prevents you from being a victim of crime.

Top 10 Bad Neighborhoods in Orlando?

What are the worst parts in Orlando? Orlando’s worst neighbourhoods are as follows:

1. Mercy Drive

This area was formerly infamous for the most heinous atrocities. Robbery, rape, murder, aggravated and simple assault, and manslaughter were all reported. Drug selling, vandalism, and auto theft were all prevalent.

This neighbourhood has a total population of 1,836, however the majority of the residents are low-income. This might explain the high crime rate. This century saw a decrease in crime, although not in a positive way. It barely decreases by 7% every year.

Despite the fact that the police are actively involved in criminal pursuit and maintain an around-the-clock patrol in this neighbourhood, targeted and drive-by shootings are common in the local media.

According to FBI statistics, violent crimes are 763 percent higher than the national average, while the overall crime rate is 409 percent. As a result, residents have a one in eight probability of being a victim of crime.


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2. Malibu Groves

While a population of 1,165 may not appear to allow for many criminal activities, the total crime estimate per 100,000 persons is 8,573. According to Spotcrime, the most affected offences are assault, theft, burglary, and vandalism, in that order. Only two gunshots and eight arrests were recorded in the six months ending May 2020.

Malibu forests are just 5% safer than other communities in Florida, and the chances of becoming a victim of crime are 1 in 12. Walking around the neighbourhood is not fraught with anxiety, especially for women.

3. Roosevelt Park

Despite having one of the lowest populations (484) in Orlando, this area has one of the worst crime rates. Crime and murder reports are not as common as property crime reports. Property crime accounts for 6,666 of the 8,673 crimes committed per 100,000 people. And stealing has surpassed vandalism as the most common crime in Roosevelt Park.

Residents are split on whether or not park walks are desirable. It becomes a matter of logic and judgement. After dusk, there would be no police patrol.

Total crime rates in these communities are 237 percent higher than the national average, yet they are safer than 5 percent of Florida cities.

4. Johnson village

This area has a population of 1,011 people and a livability score of 89. According to Spotcrime, violence and theft are two crimes that are robbing the community. In only one month, May 2020, there were 18 reports of assault and 13 reports of theft. In the previous six months, there had been 78 assaults and 59 thefts. Burglaries, vandalism, and shootings are also on the rise. The total crime rate is 9,372 per 100,000 persons, with 1 in 11 people becoming victims of crime.

Meanwhile, the Hyatt Regency Orlando and Floriday’s Resort Orlando are the safest hotels around Johnson Village.

5. Lake Mann Gardens

With a population of around 650 people, this area offers little potential in terms of violence. Though residents overwhelmingly agree on the community’s calm and the protection provided by curfews, this area nonetheless faces concerns of assault and theft on a regular basis. According to Spotcrime, there have been 48 and 30 incidents in the last six months, respectively.

The overall crime rate is 5,293 per 100,000 population, which is 105% more than the national average. The predicted number of violent crimes is 353 percent higher. In this neighbourhood, your chances of becoming a victim of crime are 1 in 19.


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6. New Malibu

This area, like Roosevelt Park and Lake Mann Gardens, has a population of 408. The crime rate is similar to that of Lake Mann Gardens, with assault and theft on the rise. According to Spotcrime data, there have been 58 and 33 incidents in the last six months, respectively. Petty offences, which total 161, demonstrate how simple it is to be robbed of cash here. There is no information available about the frequency of police patrols in this area.

The total crime rate is 4,522 per 100,000 population, with violent offences being 222% more than the national average. However, New Malibu is far safer than 22% of Florida’s cities.

7. Washington Shores

It is a largely black neighbourhood in Orlando’s southwest that is home to an estimated 1,024 individuals. This area has higher rates of practically every form of crime reported. Theft, burglary, shooting, vandalism, assault, and arrest are all crimes. Spotcrime’s data analysis revealed over 500 recorded incidents in the previous six months. What is less obvious and certain is the presence of Orlando gangs.

Nighttime walks are performed with caution, however in certain suspicious locations, visitors (women) are recommended to go in couples or groups.

Even though crime has declined by 7% over the years, violent crimes in this neighbourhood are 369 percent higher than the national average.

8. Windhover

This area is currently ranked 84 in livability in Orlando and has a population of less than 600 people. What this area lacks in population, it makes up for in property crime rate. With an estimated total of 10,124 occurrences. The total crime rate per 100,000 people is 11,725. This crime rate has been calculated to be 354 percent higher than the national average. As a result, this area is just 2 percent safer than the rest of Florida’s cities, which isn’t safe at all.

One in every nine people will become a victim of a crime. There’s a subtle admonition to keep large amounts of cash hidden to prevent being robbed. Windhover is one of the Orlando attractions to avoid.

9. Carver Shores

Although 1,389 individuals consider this area secure enough to live in, gunshots have occurred on occasion over the last two or three decades. Crime has barely fallen by 7% year on year. Carver Shores has a total crime rate of 7,783 per 100,000 persons, with violent offences 373 percent higher than the national average.

One in every 13 people is a victim of a crime. Residents advise that shadowy street corners are exactly what they appear to be and should be avoided. After 9 p.m., no walks, especially for women.

10. Lake Sunset

Lake Sunset is the 13th most hazardous location in Florida, with a total population of 1,268 people. Lake Sunset, like other areas in Orlando, is plagued by property crime and worrying instances of assault. Theft, burglary, and vandalism are also common crimes. And, according to Spotcrime, there have been 33, 25, and 15 recorded incidents of these three offences in the last six months, respectively. This raises violent crime to 408 percent, but overall crime rates are 240 percent higher than the national average. Hotels in this area are usually quite secure.


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Crime Situation in Orlando

According to the FBI crime data report for 2019, Orlando ranks 15th out of 205 Florida cities as the most hazardous city in the state. This is partly due to the neighborhood’s alarming property crime rate.

In Orlando, property crimes outnumber violent crimes by nearly seven to one. Property offences account for 87.5 percent of all crimes reported in the 2020 crime report. Further investigation reveals that theft accounts for 80 percent of property crime, with car theft and burglary accounting for the remainder. And if you’re wondering, “Is there a lot of crime in Orlando?” Absolutely! The crime rate per 1,000 people is 49.2.

Read: https://www.neighborhoodscout.com/fl/orlando/crime#data

Not to mention, one of the most preventable fatalities in Orlando is pedestrian mortality. According to Car Insurance Companies, Orlando’s road fatality rate in early 2020 was 13.2 per 100,000 inhabitants.

Top 10 Dangerous Places in Orlando?

Is Orlando a hazardous place to live? Here are some more of Orlando’s worst neighbourhoods.

1. Holden- Parramore

Given the number of crimes that occur in this area on a regular basis, Holden-Parramore may be one of the most agitated neighbourhoods demanding change. With 3,118 residents, this neighbourhood is known for having few locations where you don’t want to be seen loitering. This is especially true for lone women or vacationers.

Crime rates in the six months leading up to May 2020 were at an all-time high. Assault had 158 recorded incidents, with stealing coming in second with 121. There were 88 arrests, followed by a few of burglaries, vandalism, and robberies. This is not to dismiss Spotcrime’s 564 total cases of a range of infractions such as small crimes, violations, and fraud. Holden-Parramore has 235 percent more violent crimes than the national average.

2. Lorna Donne

It has a population of 480 people and an unbelievable crime rate. It is located in the West districts of Orlando. Another one of Orlando’s drawbacks. The estimated overall crime in this neighbourhood is 8,280, with property crime dropping around 7,105 and violent crime falling around 1,175. These crime rates are 221 percent higher than the national average, and the chances of becoming a victim of a crime are 1 in 13.

Residents are not enthused about police operations in this neighbourhood. It is most likely non-existent. It is important to avoid non-tourist regions at night for personal safety, and strolling around shady areas should be avoided after sunset.

3. North orange

This area has a population of 986 people yet one of Orlando’s worst crime rates. The total crime rate per 100,000 people is 12,826 with property crime accounting for more than three-quarters of all incidents. According to FBI data, crime has decreased by 7% over the years, however this has had little effect on the area. Crime rates are 397 percent higher than the national average, with violent offences accounting for 540 percent of the total.

Because there isn’t much going on in terms of public transit, there are less instances of being robbed or pickpocketed as more individuals ride in private automobiles. Late-night movement, on the other hand, is strongly discouraged.

4. Signal Hill

This area has 1,780 residents and is ranked 94 in Orlando for livability. Despite being below average, it rates higher than 32% of Orlando’s neighbourhoods. According to Spotcrime statistics, the crime rate fell in May 2020, with theft recording the highest occurrence of 25. Assault received a score of 7, while the other offences had few or no points below that. There were just two robberies and shootings.

With a 1 in 11 probability of being a crime victim, the Signal Hill neighbourhood is safer than 3 percent of other Florida communities.

5. Rio Grande Park

This area will be included in a list of Orlando neighbourhoods to avoid gang violence and drug activity. With a population of 1,113, it continues to entertain all types of crimes. A previous homeowner reported many auto break-ins and multiple gunshots during the night. Other residents report gunfire during the day.

Even if patrols are conducted seldom, the police in this neighbourhood are not particularly notable. There are various warnings about keeping expensive stuff away from automobiles and wearing less jewellery to prevent being robbed. The likelihood of becoming a victim of a crime in Rio Grande Park is one in fourteen. Meanwhile, Avanti International Resort, located 6.5 miles from Rio Grande Park, is well-known for its security.

6. Park Central

This is a neighbourhood that has a negative effect from its surroundings. With big drug traffickers and users, as well as considerable prostitutes, the criminal situation has only become worse over the years. As a result, it is a target for criminals. The Estates, a secondary gated HOA unit, is one of the safest sections in this community. Texas Avenue is extremely dangerous at night, and it is advised that only Park Central be visited.

With a population of 794, overall crime is estimated to be 10,413 per 100,000 persons, which is 300% more than the national average.

7. Camellia Gardens

Vehicle burglary/ theft has been the most common crime in this neighbourhood throughout the years. This is an all-inclusive estimate based on FBI statistics of 4,269 property crimes. The total crime rate per 100,000 people is 5,391. Camellia Gardens, although being a rather risky area, is safer than 17 percent of Florida’s cities.

8. Rock Lake

This area with 1,065 people, ranked 73 in terms of livability, is less risky in terms of violent crime. Property offences (6,491) account for a sizable portion of the overall crime estimate per 100,000 people (7,564). As a result, crime rates are 193 percent higher than the national average.

Because this is one of Orlando’s poor neighbourhoods, locals are less likely to support neighbourhood nighttime strolls.

9. West Colonial

Despite an overall crime rate of 7,368 per 100,000 persons, this neighbourhood has 1,447 residents. The bulk of the crime reported on this side of Orlando is property crime, with the majority of it being theft. The bulk of violent crime is assault.

The combined crime rate is 186 percent higher than the national average, although it is safer than 12 percent of Florida’s cities.

10. The Willows

With a diversified population of only 236 people, this is the smallest neighbourhood thus far. Because the population have a low income, the crime rate is significantly overstated. This area has a total crime estimate of 7,223 per 100,000 people, which is 180 percent more than the national average.

The likelihood of being a victim of a crime is one in fourteen. This generalises the relative safety to be found while riding a bike or walking about the area.


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Despite Orlando’s property crime problem, there are still several neighbourhoods in the city that have a recognised degree of safety. Furthermore, there is evidence of a decrease in the city’s crime rate, which is expected to continue.