Is it safe in Nashville? Top 10 Most Dangerous Areas in Nashville, TN!

05 Aug 11:53

Nashville, among other things, has a musical renown that makes all situations gleam and dazzle. To mention a few, there’s the art gallery that serves as North America’s biggest Kurdish community, the historic yearly art festival, and the vibrant nightlife.

The criminal incidences in the various communities, on the other hand, do not glitter. Nashville has one of the highest rates in the United States. The spots to avoid in Nashville are listed below.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Places in Nashville

Is Nashville a secure city?

1. Talbot’s Corner

This is an East Nashville neighborhood named for Thomas Talbot, a Revolutionary War warrior and grandfather. This neighborhood of 12,018 inhabitants has a total crime rate that is 329 percent higher than the national average.

Residents on this side of Nashville discuss how, despite the fact that gunshots occur very infrequently, they escalate quickly. A few of individuals were killed in shootings that occurred in May 2019. The number of violent crimes in Talbot’s Corner is 604 percent higher than the national average. This is one of the Nashville neighborhoods to avoid!

Assault and robbery, as well as theft and burglary, are common targets for patrolling cops in this neighborhood. This limits nighttime movements to discretion. Walking or bicycling throughout the day is recommended for safety reasons, especially for females travelling alone. Because petty crime is rare, it is very unlikely that your cash would be taken while using public transportation.

Visitors at Talbot’s Corner have a one in ten risk of being victims of crime.


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2. Antioch

This area quickly became the fastest-growing in Davidson County. Despite its racial and cultural diversity, it is noted for its different crime surges. There is an increase in drug use, shootings, and car break-ins, all of which ignore the police presence in the area.

While walking and riding are normally recommended for guests, trekking is also permitted. This community has little nighttime safety concerns; even ladies going alone are not advised against nighttime movements. Because public transit is devoid of pickpocketing and panhandling, cash and personal possessions are likely to be left alone.

The chance of becoming a crime victim in Antioch is 1 in 10.

3. Glencliff

This section of South Nashville was initially designated as an antebellum residence, which was built by slaves in the early nineteenth century and then extended into a neighbourhood. With an average cost of living and livability that is regarded great, this community looks to check all the green boxes.

Until the whole crime rate is reported or seen, the area is paper flawless. While Assault is the most common violent crime in Glencliff, with around 710 incidences per 100,000 Nashville inhabitants, Theft is the most common property crime, with 1,073 instances. With the assistance of the police, murder and robbery occurrences have been reduced to a bare minimum, but car theft remains an issue.

The area now has a population of 7,729 people and is extremely walkable in terms of safety. As a result, afternoon walks or bike trips are strongly advised. However, ladies travelling on their own should exercise extreme caution after 9 p.m. Some hotels come highly recommended by locals, however they are closer to downtown Nashville.

There have been few reports of cash theft, therefore there is no reason to be too cautious with personal valuables and possessions while using public transit.

4. Heron Walk

This area contains 11,940 residents and has 884 percent more violent crimes than the national average. Even with no reform of the police force, crime has scarcely altered throughout the years. Obviously, this is one of the spots in Nashville to avoid.

Exploring the area may be done very easily by walking or bike, and both can be done day or night. There are no time constraints because the neighbourhoods have less incidents of dark alley ambushing. There have only been a few incidences of pickpockets in public transportation, therefore securing our stuff to the sides would be prudent.

One in every seven people in Heron Walk is a victim of crime.

5. Buena Vista Heights

This neighbourhood has a population of 1,460 people, 91.3 percent of whom are African Americans. Several gang shootings and break-ins kept this area in a state of instability. Over the years, the gunshots have resulted in the deaths of people and the hospitalisation of others. Despite police intervention, break-ins have grown, making this area one of Nashville’s most hazardous.

A local said he would never leave his car or motorbike parked on the street all night. There would be no attempt to leave the front porch furniture because it would be gone by dawn. The crime rate in Buena Vista Heights is 200 percent higher than the national average. The number of violent offences alone is 312 percent more than the national average.

Walking or biking are activities that are generally safe to do during the day, but safety is not guaranteed at night. As a result, female guests are advised to spend the night in the suggested few hotels rather than walking about the neighbourhood after dark. During the day, public transit is also safe, with minimal occurrences of pickpocketing or cash mugging.

The likelihood of becoming a victim of crime in Buena Vista Heights is one in fourteen.


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6. Bordeaux

This is a river community with spectacular city views. This neighborhood’s 5,092 residents struggle to make ends meet in this low-income area. As the adage goes, the occurrence of crime is the result of the majority of this area’s poverty. As a result, it is one of Nashville’s worst neighbourhoods.

The total crime rate is 9,662 per 100,000 population, with violent crime accounting for 2,720 and property crime accounting for 6,942. In reality, violent crime in Bordeaux is 617 percent higher than the national average. Petty crimes are spread out, and as a result, reports of pickpockets or cash mugging are few, even on public transportation.

Fortunately, there have been few or no gunshots, and murders are the most common violent crime reported. However, assault and robbery incidences have barely decreased in the last five years. Surprisingly, there are police patrols in this area.

Except for the issue of speeding automobiles, which resulted in the death of a kid early in 2019, riding or hiking around the area will be incident-free. Nighttime is less frightening; even girls can go alone after midnight.

7. Eastwood

The population of this neighbourhood is 2,859. It is regarded to be East Nashville’s best-kept secret due to the abundance of classic homes with large yards and gentle lanes. Furthermore, Eastwood houses are within walking distance of a number of highly regarded East Nashville eateries and retailers. The answer to the question, “Is East Nashville safe?” is right there.

While this is intriguing, violent crime is 467 percent more than the national average, and this community is just 30 percent safer than Tennessee’s cities. Even though the police are visible in this neighbourhood, crimes continue to occur at night. As a result, tourists, particularly solitary ladies, are encouraged to explore or indulge in walking/biking during daytime hours.

Reports on cash mugging in public rides are spaced out in occurrence.

8 Cleveland Park

The frequency of theft in this neighbourhood is much more concerning than the rate of assault. Because this is a neighbourhood with a small population of 2,206 individuals, the reported crimes are overwhelming.

Every decade, the atrocities take on new shapes. An elderly homeowner observed a lot of drug dealing and prostitution in his neighbourhood less than a decade ago, but today thievery is higher on the list. Even after the area has been reformed, there are still crime-infested pockets.

As a result, late-night walks and strolls are discouraged. The greatest time for surveying and exploring is during the day. Women travelling alone are encouraged to stay in motels and resume their excursion the next day.

Because theft is the most commonly reported crime, personal things (and/or cash) carried in personal automobiles or held in public transportation are likely to be stolen. Despite the presence of police, criminals have discovered means to avoid detection.

One in every 18 people in Cleveland Park is a victim of a crime.

9. Four Corners

The crime rate in this community of 4,201 individuals is 330 percent higher than the national average. The number of violent crimes per 100,000 population surpasses 2,000, and the number of property crimes approaches 9,000. Even with police patrols on the scene, this number illustrates the current scenario in this neighbourhood.

Because petty crimes are rarely publicised, there are few reports of cash stolen from handbags or wallets on public transit. Although it is a good idea to develop a habit of keeping valuables secure, especially while moving around in public.

Because this neighbourhood is recognised for being very walkable, there are always people on the move. Midnights are also safe, even for female solitary travellers.

10. Haynes Area

It is no surprise that crime rates in the Haynes Area are 191 percent higher than the Nashville average. It has a bad reputation for being hazardous, crime-ridden, and rife with violence on a regular basis. The number of violent crimes in Haynes Area is 833 percent higher than the national average, making this area safer than only 1% of Tennessee’s cities.

Many inhabitants of this 7,150-person community indicate that the bulk of errands need a vehicle, and even Haynes Area is difficult to walk. It is the 115th most walkable neighbourhood in the city. There are even few bike lanes.

When visiting, visitors should use extreme caution when wandering during the day, and avoid doing anything at night if possible. Female tourists should not be forced to travel alone. With no minor incidents reported, public rides pose less risk. As a result, cash is safely stored in handbags.


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Current Crime Situation in Nashville

Is Nashville safe?

By the end of 2019, the majority of Nashville’s neighbourhoods have seen a drop in crime rates. Property crime in East Nashville decreased by 7.3 percent, while property crime decreased by 4 percent. Property and violent crime in North Nashville have both decreased by about 8%.

Although the overall crime rate in Nashville may not have decreased. The overall number of violent occurrences was 7,713, while the total number of property damage was 28,284. The crime rate was 11.53 violent crimes per 1,000 people and 42.27 property offences.


Nashville criminal activity Statistics alone might cause a tourist to panic. Property crime appears to stay stable year after year, despite rising instances of assault and theft. However, Nashville is a fantastic tourism destination with fascinating musical history. As a result, while Nashville safety is still a problem, being consciously careful about personal safety will go a long way toward keeping you out of trouble.