When it is unable to check registered ESTA application or receive an error message (could it be the number of digits entered as a passport number?)

20 Aug 09:51

Check the status of your application after your ESTA status is “Authorized” after establishing your trip arrangements and applying for ESTA. To do so, go to the official ESTA website and input your ESTA application number, passport number, passport issuance date, passport expiration date, and date of birth.


Do You Have U.S. ESTA VISA Travel Authorization? If You Have ESTA Application, Check if it is Still Valid!

‘Application cannot be found’ is shown even after the approval of authorization

When checking the status of your application, the notice “Application not found” may show in some situations, even though you were alerted that your application was allowed. If you try to apply again as a fresh application, you may receive the following message: “A valid, approved application with more than 30 days remaining has been found for this passport.”
If this happens to you, be cool and figure out what you can do because there are several probable causes.
On this page, we will discuss some of the probable reasons why your application may have resulted in an error despite the fact that your ESTA status was displayed as “Authorized,” as well as how to deal with them.

Possible reasons for inability to check the status for an ESTA application you have applied

Possible causes of ESTA application registration errors (1): Different information (other than the ones used when you applied) was entered

Incorrect data entry is the most typical cause of the “Application not found” notice.
Check your application once more, this time using the application information you entered. If you entered inaccurate information, you will need to reapply for ESTA. If you have any queries or concerns, please contact the ESTA Center.

1.Incorrect date of birth You must provide the same date of birth that you used when applying when monitoring the status of your application.
When entering your date of birth, be cautious not to make any mistakes because it is the most significant piece of information for verifying on your registration information.
2.Incorrect entry, or incorrect number of digits entered for the passport Check the amount of numbers on your passport and the other information you supplied when you applied.
Check to ensure that no numbers or letters were left out or that you did not input too many.
In addition, many applicants insert incorrect numbers and letters (such as “1” and “I” or “0” and “O”) while entering passport numbers.
If you discover that you supplied an inaccurate passport number when applying for ESTA, you must reapply.
3.Incorrect entry of application number The application number is a string of alphanumeric characters that some applicants enter erroneously while searching for their applications. Check your application on the official ESTA website twice to ensure that you have entered the application number accurately. The valid application number is the most recent ESTA permission number you received, and it is the one you utilize to enter the United States. Even if the application number is inaccurate, you can only check the status of your ESTA application using the information on your passport, such as the passport date of issuance, passport expiry date, and passport number.
If the information you put on your application is valid but the application number is erroneous or has changed, we recommend double-checking the status of your application using the information on your passport.

Possible causes of ESTA application registration errors (2): Three days have not yet passed since you applied for ESTA

In certain situations, screening findings are not shown in the ESTA system until 72 hours after the application was filed. This is due to the architecture of the US government’s ESTA system. While this is an estimate, we recommend that you check for your application again at least three days, or 72 hours, following screening.

Possible causes of ESTA application registration errors (3): System errors or maintenance periods

The US government’s ESTA website is subject to periodic maintenance in order to accommodate the huge levels of traffic it gets. As a result, the site’s operation may become unstable during such maintenance. As a result, applying for ESTA or monitoring the status of an application may be impossible in some situations.
According to previous research, system problems are more likely to occur on Sundays. Furthermore, it appears that you cannot check on an application in some situations owing to system issues, even though it has been registered in the system.
Viewing the site and checking on your application will be possible when system maintenance has been completed. If the site is being maintained, please wait a few moments before returning.

Possible causes of ESTA application registration errors (4): Time lag between the U.S. and the airline

If you applied for ESTA and obtained authorisation just before boarding your aircraft, the ESTA application information may not be instantly reflected.This is due to a time lag created by having different systems between the airline’s administrative system and the US government. In this instance, the airline will decide whether or not to allow the traveler to board the trip. To be prepared, we recommend that you write down your ESTA application number and bring it with you when flying.
If you can show that you have ESTA authorisation, there is a significantly lower chance that the airline would reject you permission to board.These kind of incidents can happen immediately before boarding your trip or during busy periods, so attempt to apply for ESTA and check in for your journey as far ahead as possible.

Possible causes of ESTA application registration errors (5): Your ESTA has been expired or invalidated

When you check on your ESTA application, you may receive a notification saying that it is invalid or has expired for one of the following reasons:

  1. An ESTA you previously obtained has expired.
  2. You applied for a new ESTA to replace an existing one, and you used the application number from your prior ESTA to search.

It also appears that in many situations, applicants proceed after making inaccurate inputs while vetting their ESTA applications, substituting genuine ESTA authorizations themselves.
There is no method to reinstate an ESTA authorisation number after it has been invalidated for whatever reason. In this scenario, you must reapply for ESTA and acquire proper authorisation. Check the information you provided when applying for an ESTA and input it carefully to avoid errors.


Do You Have U.S. ESTA VISA Travel Authorization? If You Have ESTA Application, Check if it is Still Valid!

Four necessary items of information to check on ESTA status

Enter the four required pieces of information to check on the status of your ESTA application:

  1. Date of birth
  2. Passport number
  3. Passport date of issue and passport expiration date
  4. Select nationality

You may check the status of your ESTA application by entering your passport number, date of birth, and application number. If you do not know your ESTA application number, you will need the four pieces of information indicated above to check on the progress of your application.
When applying for an ESTA, double-check your information to ensure that there are no errors.
If you discover that you applied for ESTA with information that differs from the information in your passport, you must reapply and pay the ESTA application fees again, so please be cautious.

* You may alter your email address and address in the United States even after you have obtained ESTA authorisation and your application number.


Do You Have U.S. ESTA VISA Travel Authorization? If You Have ESTA Application, Check if it is Still Valid!