ESTA Requirements

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What is required to apply for a passport?

Do you have a passport or have you applied for one for overseas travel? If you are applying for a passport for the first time, please prepare all of the necessary papers. These papers will be the same if you are renewing a passport that has expired, been lost, or stolen.You can apply for a passport renewal one year before its expiration date.

Passport Requirements

Check that the letter “P” is listed under “Type” on the identification page after getting a passport.
The letter “P” stands for “passport.” It indicates that the paper is a genuine passport. A machine will read the two-character letter and number provided on the passport’s identifying page prior to immigration screening at the destination of travel.
The system recognizes the document as a passport when it reads the “P” at the beginning of these two characters. Non-machine-readable passports, which just include an original photograph glued to the page, lack these two characters and cannot be read by a machine. Machine-readable passports must adhere to the International Civil Aviation Organization’s (ICAO) international requirements. In rare situations, the passport will show two letters, such as “PD” or “PM,” rather than just “P.” Furthermore, if a person has been awarded a visa, a “V” may appear on his or her passport. After acquiring a passport, store it safely and bring it with you while traveling overseas.


Do You Have U.S. ESTA VISA Travel Authorization? If You Have ESTA Application, Check if it is Still Valid!

Technical requirements and conditions of passports

Passport Requirements for entry to the U. S.

All visitors to the United States under the Visa Waiver Program (VWP) must have a passport with a machine-readable IC tip. Even for babies, the same type of passport is necessary.

When traveling to the United States, citizens of the following countries must have a passport with an IC tip affixed.

  1. Iceland
  2. Ireland
  3. Andorra
  4. England
  5. Italy
  6. Australia
  7. Japan
  8. North Korea
  9. Taiwan
  10. Spain
  11. Belgium
  12. Austria
  13. Brunei
  14. Chili
  15. Czech Republic
  16. Denmark
  17. Estonia
  18. Finland
  19. France
  20. Germany
  21. Portugal
  22. Holland
  23. Poland
  24. Greece
  25. Switzerland
  26. Hungary
  27. Latvia
  28. Liechtenstein
  29. Lithuania
  30. Luxemburg
  31. Monaco
  32. New Zealand
  33. Norway
  34. Singapore
  35. Slovakia
  36. Slovenia
  37. Sweden
  38. San Marino
  39. Republic of Malta

General Requirements for entry to the U.S.

Visitors Need to have an IC tip Installed Passport

The Passport IC tip contains biometric information about the passport’s owner. Since April 1, 2016, all travellers entering the United States via ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) have been required to have an E-Passport with an IC tip.

Expiration Date of the Passport Must to be Valid When Leaving the U.S.

It is necessary to have a valid passport while applying for ESTA and also when departing from the United States. It is not essential to reapply for ESTA if your ESTA has expired while you are still in the United States. If you obtain a visa for admission into the United States, you must leave the country within a certain time frame.
Those who need to obtain a visa due to an ESTA application denial should research the type of visa required based on the objective.

Staying Period Must be within 90days

When entering the United States with an ESTA, which is part of VWP, the maximum stay is limited to 90 days. Overstaying without explanation may result in a fine and involuntary repatriation as an illegal immigrant. Those who want to stay in the United States for more than 90 days are not need to apply for an ESTA. Even individuals who are staying inside 90 days but want to work part-time or study abroad are not need to apply for an ESTA. Those who visit the United States for employment or study for more than 90 days must get a visa from a nearby United States embassy or consulate general.

The Purpose of the Visit to the US Must be Reasonable

The purposes indicated below must be followed by persons who go to the United States with VWP and ESTA.

Sightseeing General sightseeing tour, visits to friends and relatives, and (medical) treatment.
Business The objective of the visit is to meet consumers, make contracts, and inspect, not to do work or business in exchange for a reward.
Specialized Event Attend science, education, specialist field activities, and conferences in the United States.
Social Event To attend a social function or award ceremony held by a fraternity or service organization in the United States.
Recreation To participate in short-term leisure.

Certain visa would be required for gaining degree, credit or qualification in the US.
For more details, please refer to passport requirements subjected to VWP(Visa Waiver program).

U.S. Department of Homeland Security Customs and Border Protection (CBP) website

Requirements of the Six Month Club

In general, visitors are able to leave their nations under the Six Month Club if their passports have at least six months remaining in their validity terms. Some nations, however, have reached agreements that waive the Six Month Club criteria. Travelers’ passports do not need to be valid for at least six months under these agreements, but they do need to be valid for the anticipated time of stay.
To be granted a visa, you must present a valid renewed passport as well as your previous passport. You do not need to apply for a visa again because your passport has been renewed.

* Permanent residents, refugees, and exiles must apply to the United States for legitimate certifications, such as an Alien Registration Certificate issued by the Department of Homeland Security.

Six Month Club update information

Kosovo is the newest member of the Six Month Club.
Nationals of the following countries are exempt from the requirement that their passports be valid for at least six months.
They may be allowed to enter the United States if their passports are valid for the duration of their anticipated stay.

The U.S. CBP website


Do You Have U.S. ESTA VISA Travel Authorization? If You Have ESTA Application, Check if it is Still Valid!

List of nations exempted from the passport validity period limitation

  1. Andorra
  2. Angola
  3. Antigua and Barbuda
  4. Antilles
  5. Argentina
  6. Armenia
  7. Aruba
  8. Australia
  9. Austria
  10. Bahamas
  11. Barbados
  12. Belgium
  13. Belize
  14. Bermuda
  15. Bolivia
  16. Bosnia-Herzegovina
  17. Brazil
  18. Bulgaria
  19. Burma
  20. Canada
  21. Chile
  22. Colombia
  23. Costa Rica
  24. Cote d’Ivoire
  25. Croatia
  26. Cypress
  27. Czech Republic
  28. Denmark
  29. Dominica
  30. Dominican Republic
  31. Egypt
  32. El Salvador
  33. Estonia
  34. Ethiopia
  35. Fiji
  36. Finland
  37. France
  38. Gabon
  39. Georgia
  40. Germany
  41. Greece
  42. Grenada
  43. Guatemala
  44. Guinea
  45. Guiana
  46. Haiti
  47. Hong Kong
  48. Hungary
  49. Iceland
  50. India
  51. Indonesia
  52. Ireland
  53. Israel
  54. Italy
  55. Jamaica
  56. Japan
  57. Kosovo
  58. Latvia
  59. Lebanon
  60. Libya
  61. Lichtenstein
  62. Lithuania
  63. Luxembourg
  64. Macao
  65. Macedonia
  66. Madagascar
  67. Maldives
  68. Malaysia
  69. Malta
  70. Mauritania
  71. Mauritius
  72. Mexico
  73. Monaco
  74. Mongolia
  75. Montenegro
  76. Mozambique
  77. Nepal
  78. Netherlands
  79. New Zealand
  80. Nicaragua
  81. Nigeria
  82. Norway
  83. Pakistan
  84. Palau
  85. Panama
  86. Papua New Guinea
  87. Paraguay
  88. Peru
  89. Philippines
  90. Poland
  91. Portugal
  92. Qatar
  93. Romania
  94. Russia
  95. San Marino
  96. Saudi Arabia
  97. Serbia
  98. Seychelles
  99. Singapore
  100. Slovakia
  101. Slovenia
  102. South Africa
  103. South Korea
  104. Spain
  105. Sri Lanka
  106. Saint Christopher and Nevis
  107. Saint Lucia
  108. St. Vincent and the Grenadines
  109. Surinam
  110. Sweden
  111. Switzerland
  112. Taiwan
  113. Thailand
  114. Trinidad and Tobago
  115. Tunisia
  116. Turkey
  117. Tuvalu
  118. Ukraine
  119. United Arab Emirates
  120. United Kingdom
  121. Uruguay
  122. Uzbekistan
  123. Vatican City
  124. Venezuela
  125. Zimbabwe


Do You Have U.S. ESTA VISA Travel Authorization? If You Have ESTA Application, Check if it is Still Valid!